9th International Workshop on Models at run.time

Valencia, Spain
30th September 2014

The Models at run.time workshop series provides a forum for exchange of ideas on the use of run-time models. The main goal is to further promote cross-fertilization between researchers from different communities, including model-driven software engineering, software architectures, computational reflection, adaptive systems, autonomic and self-healing systems, and requirements engineering. Models at run.time extend the applicability of models and abstractions to the runtime environment. As is the case for software development models, a run-time model is often created to support reasoning. However, in contrast to development models, run-time models are used to reason about the operating environment and runtime behaviour, and thus these models must capture abstractions of runtime phenomena. Different dimensions need to be balanced, including resource-efficiency (time, memory, energy), context-dependency (time, location, platform), as well as personalization (quality-of-service specifications, profiles). The hypothesis is that because models at run.time provide meta-information for these dimensions during execution, run-time decisions can be facilitated and better automated. Thus, it is anticipated that this technology will play an integral role for future software-based systems including self-adaptive and autonomous systems.

Find the summary of last years workshop: here.

The proceedings of this years edition are now available on CEUR-WS.org: here.

Important Dates

  • 21. July
    Paper submission
  • 22. August
    Author notification
  • 20. September
    Camera-ready version
  • 30. September
    MRT 2014 Workshop