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Generator for the Family of Metamodels for Role-based Modeling and Programming Languages


  1. Install Eclipse Modeling Kepler 4.3 and make sure it runs on JavaSE-1.7
  2. Install FeatureIDE 2.7
    (Update Site: http://wwwiti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/iti_db/research/featureide/deploy/)
    Select “FeatureIDE 2.7”, “Feature Modeling” plugins and install them
  3. Install DeltaEcore 0.8.1 von Christoph Seidl
    (Update Site: http://www.deltaecore.org/update)
    Select only “Integration” > “DeltaEcore FeatureIDE Integration (optional, requires FeatureIDE) 1.0.0”
    Install dependent plugins
  4. Unpack the archive (RoSICROM.zip)
  5. Import the unpacked FeatureIDE Project into your workspace


  1. Create a new configuration in the config folder via “New…” > “FeatureIDE” > “Configuration File” with a suitable name
  2. Select all the desired features in the Configuration Editor
  3. Right-Click on your configuration file in the Package Explorer and click on “Set as current configuration”. Now the current variant is generated automatically.
  4. The resulting Metamodel for this configuration can than be found in the variants folder named crom_l1.ecore

Example Models

Last modified: 04.07.2014
Author:  Dipl. Inf. Thomas Kühn

Dipl. Inf.
Thomas Kühn