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Do Animal's Spirits Stay Behind

Animals for a lot of people hold a special devote our lives and hearts. It was the case for the family dog, Crystal, who unfortunately handed down Monday, May 3rd 2010. She had created a cancerous tumor in her mouth in September of 2009. Since September, my family and I knew that people could be faced with needing to make the decision to place her to rest. A few days before, we felt that it was the very best decision to create. She had been full of energy up until Monday, but i was concerned that the tumor may spread into the back of her throat, cutting off vital oxygen. Afterwards, I had been sitting with my mother, and she asked me "Do you think a part of her will remain?" meaning her spirit. I immediately answered without hesitation "Yes. I actually do."

I know that each animal lover who believes within the existence of spirits will agree with me. Animals develop their very own personality, and be area of the family. The typical scene in movies and commercials of the loyal dog waiting patiently in the door that you should come home, riding in the passenger seat of a car or truck using their head within the wind, and arriving your room in the morning to wake you up may be cliche, but they're all true.

Crystal developed her very own personality, and her unique habits. She always laid within our front yard on sunny days, and made it her passion to chase the kitty next door as he strayed into the backyard. My dad couldn't go for a drive anywhere without Crystal bounding up the stairs blocking the doorway until he grabbed her leash. Even though she might not physically be around anymore, I understand that her spirit will visit whenever the neighbors cat is in our yard, when my dad applies to a drive, or to lay within our yard on sunshine. Even talking to our animals that have passed on can bring their spirit nearer to us.

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Probably the most common a few things i have heard others say about losing an animal, is "It requires a while to obtain used to them not being there. You walk in thinking they will be there, and then you realize that it really happened. They aren't there anymore." I finally understood what others had meant with that Tuesday morning. I expected to see Crystal laying within our front yard under the sun. I began to consider, "What if she really is there, and I am sensing her." Honestly, I believe that is what it had been. I was sensing her. You would have it crazy in my experience that she would not check us out.

When others feel that they expect their pets to be there, I'd be willing to bet their animal is still there watching over them, ensuring their family is okay. When they know their loved ones is okay, I believe they move ahead. This is the point in time when I believe families adapt to and fully realize the fact their animal has transpired on, since their spirit isn't there as frequently anymore since they know their family is okay. However, they'll always visit time to time to say hi and sit in their favorite spots.

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