The 5th International Workshop on
Model-driven Robot Software Engineering

at MODELS 2018, 15.10.18, Copenhagen, Denmark


Call for Paper
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1. Session 09:00-10:30 Keynote by Herman Bruyninckx
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
2. Session 11:00-12:30 Applications
Session Chair: tba
  • Juan Francisco Inglés-Romero, Juan Manuel Espín, Rubén Jiménez-Andreu, Roberto Font and Cristina Vicente-Chicote: Towards the use of Quality-of-Service Metrics in Reinforcement Learning: A robotics example
  • Jörg Walter, Kim Gruettner and Wolfgang Nebel: Using IEC 61499 to Implement a Self-Organising Plug and Produce System information on submission
  • Achiya Elyasaf, Assaf Marron, Arnon Sturm and Gera Weiss: A Context-Based Behavioral Language for IoT
3. Session 14:00-15:30 Languages for Robotics
Session Chair: tba
  • Adrian Rutle, Jonas Backer, Kolbein Foldřy and Robin T. Bye: CommonLang: A DSL for Defining Robot Tasks
  • Assaf Marron, Yotam Hacohen, David Harel, Andreas Mülder and Axel Terfloth: Embedding Scenario-based Modeling in Statecharts
  • Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Rene Hexel and Carl Lusty: Continuous Integration for Testing Full Robotic Behaviours in a GUI-stripped Simulation
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
4. Session 16:00-17:30Presentation and Overview of Robotic Research Projects
  • Carlos Hernandez Corbato: ROSIN (Model-Based Metacontrol for ROS systems)
  • Dennis Wigand: COGIMON (Modeling and Verification of Robot Control Architectures for Compliant Interaction)
  • Sebastian Götz, Nico Hochgeschwender, Sebastian Wrede, Andreas Wortmann: Collection, discussion and classification of further research projects

Important Dates

17.07.2018 abstracts (extended)
24.07.2018 submissions (extended)
14.08.2018 notification
21.08.2018 camera ready
15.10.2018 workshop


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