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  1. IBM Certified Database Associate - DB2 9
  2. IBM Certified Application Developer - DB2 9

University of Technology Dresden

I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Technology Dresden. My supervisor is Prof. Uwe Assmann. My work includes the following:

  1. research assistent in the CoolSoftware project from April till October 2010
  2. research assistent in the ZESSY project from November 2010 till September 2011
  3. research assistent in the DFG collaborative research center HAEC (Highly Adaptive Energy-efficient Computing) project starting October 2011 for 4 years
  4. jExam - Head of Group / Software Developer (since June 2010)

I've studied computer science (german diploma/master, grade: 1,2 with distinction) from October 2003 till March 2010 at University of Technology Dresden. During this time I had the following student jobs:

  1. jExam - Software Developer / Assistent Group Leader (since 2004)
  2. ComeBack! - Developer (since 2007)
  3. Homepage of Chair for Software Technology - Web-Developer (since 2007)
  4. Administrator of Exam Office of Computer Science Faculty (since 2008)
  5. TA Software-Internship in SS'06, SS'07, SS'08 and SS'09
  6. TA Softwaretechnology I in WS'06, WS'07 and WS'08
  7. TA Softwaretechnology II in SS'09
  8. Werkstatt* Online

SS: April till September
WS: October till March
TA: Teaching Assistent / Student Teacher
* workshop

Industrial Experience

3m5. (2003-2004)

Technologies: PHP/MySQL, Flash, ADS (Datenbanksystem, Advantage Database Server)

[ASU / BJU Community]
[FDP Sachsen]
[Winner Computer (Synchronisation ADS/MySQL)]
[Stadtschleicher (BugFixing)]
[ZDF Mainzels]
[Sachsens schönste Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten (BugFixing)]
[Sternquell Soccer Cup (Handy-Logo Versand, Soccer Cup [Flash])]
[Ravensburger Christmas-Game (Flash)]

webit! Gesellschaft für neue Medien mbH (2002-2003)

Technologies: Apple WebObjects, Oracle 9i, Java (esp. J2EE), OJB

Kesys / nexst4 (2001-2002)

Technologies: PHP/MySQL

[Parkettstudio Grübsch & Meißner]

Hagenuk KMT / sebaKMT (2001)

Technologies: PHP/MySQL

*) All referenced homepage could be changed or not exist anymore.